Make a Programme


RADIO (South)



Estuary Radio has, as yet, no permanent studio and all programmes you hear are either pre-recorded at home studios or, in the case of the continuous music streams, from a cloud based automatic playout system.


If you fancy the idea of making a programme, either a one off or a weekly series, then we would be delighted to hear from you. In the 'old' days that most of the Estuary presenters grew up in you needed a lot of highly technical equipment, now anyone with a microphone, PC and an MP3 player can make programmes. The popular and free audio software 'Audacity' is all you really need ( Have a look at their website and you can get an idea of how to easily produce your own programmes. You can also find a variety of tutorial programmes on You Tube and we suggest you look at this 'starter video' first . If all else fails then send us an email via the contact page or direct to and we will try to sort out your problem.


Although we don't have a strict music policy most of our output during the day is of the 'easy listening' variety - however in the evenings we have plenty of time for specialist programmes and would like to feature songs from local bands - so if you have a local Kent band and would like us to promote you on Estuary please send an MP3 recording with full details of the band, tracks etc., and we will see what we can do.


Look forward to hearing from you.