Christmas schedule


RADIO (South)

Christmas Day



Here's the schedule for our first Christmas Day on Estuary


8.00am - 9.00am: Classic Carols for Christmas - start your day in the traditional way with an hour of favourite Christmas Carols presented by Derek Smith

9.00am - 11.00am: The M&M Christmas Extravaganza - a whole two hours of music, mayhem and mirth with requests and chats with friends


From 11.00am to 7pm it's the turn of the presenters to choose their favourite programme for your listening pleasure

11.00am - 1pm: Presenter's Choice 1 - Mick Capewell chooses his favourite PMT Show of the Year

1pm - 2pm: Presenter's Choice 2 - Paul Brown chooses his favourite 'Curiosity Shoppe' of 2017

2pm - 3pm: Presenter's Choice 3 - Mick and Mazzy choose their favourite M&M Show

3pm- 4pm: Presenter's Choice 4 - Derek Smith chooses his favourite Music Go Round

4pm - 7pm: Presenter's Choice 5 - Mick Capewell returns to present his favourite Rose Coloured Glasses from 2017


7pm - 8pm: Stuart Busby's 70's Jukebox

8pm - 9pm: Brian Martin's 60 Minute Highlights

9pm - 11pm: Trax to Relax

11pm: Closedown until 8am